Monday, 3 December 2012

Fed Calls for Faster Courts

Roger Federer believes some courts on the ATP tour should be faster as slower courts encourage more defensive play.

The Swiss believes that slower courts also encourage longer rallies, and therefore increase the chance of injuries.

 The thinking is that faster courts encourage aggressive attacking play, which of course, requires high levels of skill. Federer feels that slower courts negate the advantage of having an attacking style of play, making defensive tactics more effective.

 "It's an easy fix,” said Federer.  “Just make quicker courts, then it's hard to defend. Having an attacking style is more important. It's only on this type of slow courts that you can defend the way we are all doing right now."

 However, the 31-year-old is not making the claim simply to take advantage of his style of play; he believes that the introduction of faster courts will actually help those trying to compete with the ‘big four’ of men’s tennis; Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal.

“I think some variety would be nice, some really slow stuff and then some really fast stuff, instead of trying to make everything sort of the same," he added. “You sort of protect the top guys really by doing that because you have the best possible chance to have them in the semis at this point, I think. But should that be the goal? I'm not sure.”

Variety would certainly make things interesting for betting fans, as faster courts across the board would end long rallies, which are often the most entertaining part for the supporters. A series of love service games with unstoppable aces does not make interesting viewing.

However, anything to offer hope to those outside the top four in the world rankings has to be considered. The all-conquering quartet produces some thrilling contests, but it would be nice for others to get a look in occasionally.

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