Thursday, 20 December 2012

Boxing days better for bets

Boxing days better for bets. Unless youre going to gamble on whether it will be a white Christmas or not, the truth is that Christmas Day can be a bit of a dry day for those of us who enjoy a bet on sport. And this sentiment has been summed up nicely in a new video from those mega stars of stage and screen, Stan and James.

Yes, the lads have got together with six of their mates to produce the cheesiest Christmas video and song the world has ever seen.

You thought you'd heard it all with Mr Blobby, The Smurfs We Wish You A Smurfy Christmas, Cyndi Laupers Christmas Conga, The Cheeky Girls Have A Cheeky Christmas and St Winifreds School Choirs Theres No-One Quite Like Grandma. But these really have got nothing on Stan and James never to be forgotten Christmas classic StanJames Christmas music video.

Its really that bad which makes it a must-watch of course.

The song opens with the boys waking up on Boxing Day and singing about Christmas being nice but perhaps a little boring. Boxing Day, thats my kinda day it goes on and why? Because the lads can get endless bets on the football of course. Now this is the way many of us may view the festive season, but we dont exactly say it out loud.

But Stan and James are quite correct; there is a superb sports programme across all sports (but particularly football) lined up for the day after Christmas and itll be something of a relief to get there!

The day at their flat, though, seems to quickly descend into chaos with the festive food getting thrown around, the place getting a bit trashed, and to make matters worse, the pair are dressed up as a snowman (think Mr Blobby in white) and an elf (worse still!).

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