Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Delayed C-Bet and Flop Check-Raises

The continuation c-bet (c-bet) used to be as popular as The Beatles, but these days everyone is playing the same old tune.

Today, when you make a c-bet in a Betfair 5 Card Draw event, everyone makes the call irrespective of what trash they have, and this is especially true when they have position on you.

In order to adapt, players are now taking a line known as the delayed c-bet. They have faced one too many floats and flop check-raises and it’s time the tables were turned.

The delayed c-bet is actually getting the same sort of sincere response as the c-bet first did when it was introduced. Another great advantage of the delayed c-bet is it does allow you to retain tighter control of the size of the pot and therefore reducing your variance.

Your opponent’s who were ready and waiting with the flop check-raise are left without a game plan by the time you have c-bet the turn. They aren’t prepared for it and generally just give up. The check-raise on the turn is far less common that it’s cousin called flop.

Another way of dealing with the flop check-raise is to call when you hit a big pair and just dangle the rope. It is very unusual for a player to check-raise the flop and then check back the turn.

They almost always go for the second barrel, and a lot of them also get caught in the bluffing vortex meaning they may also fire the river with air. Once again, just stand strong and go with your hand. Make the call and watch them squirm.

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