Thursday, 6 September 2012

Ogletree sets Cowboys’ pace

Dallas Cowboys caused an unlikely upset in the first game of the new NFL season by rocking an inconsistent New York Giants 24-17 at the Metlife Stadium.

While the victory spurs the Cowboys into a new campaign and eradicates the problems they faced in preseason, they will also be delighted with the emergence of a no. 3 receiver that they so desperately lacked just a month ago.

Kevin Ogletree, who has three seasons already under his belt at Dallas, was the go-to guy on Wednesday evening, scoring two touchdowns from eight catches. The 25-year-old made 114 yards in his first game of the season, just 50 short of his entire tally last campaign, to ensure he grabbed the NFL news headlines post-game.

Cowboys fans and pundits in the betting world are already expecting a lot from the receiver that looked like a seasoned pro in a white jersey. For after a nervous first quarter that failed to produce a touchdown in New York, Ogletree worked his magic in the second: slipping through two linebackers before turning to accept Tony Romo’s short throw.

Ogletree’s play shocked the defending Superbowl champions – who had taken a three-point lead earlier in the game – and Dallas ran away with it after half time. The receiver went wide in the third quarter to take a huge Romo throw after bypassing cornerback Corey Webster to sneak in a touchdown for 14-3.

The Cowboys never looked back after this score and Ogletree was swamped by reporters after the game for his superb performance.

Dallas fans should not get too excited just yet as the season has hardly begun and the NFL betting odds still suggest they may struggle.

But if Romo and Ogletree can continue this partnership throughout the autumn then the Cowboys can expect to be fighting in the Playoffs once more this season.

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