Monday, 13 April 2009

Carroll confident of Magpies safety

For the large majority of Newcastle's clash against Stoke on Saturday, it seemed like the unbelievable was becoming more and more likely. Newcastle have been flirting with the relegation zone for most of the season but few have dared to believe until fairly recently that the club could start the next footballing year in the Championship.

The old 'too good to go down' saying is a dangerous one but most people took it for granted that the Magpies have enough class, history, and talent to compete with the best in the Premier League. However, the club's rapid decline has led some to believe that there is no hope left for Alan Shearer's men and a result against Stoke was desperately needed.

Newcastle didn't manage to grab the three points they needed to start to ease the fears of the anxious fans but one player, Andy Carroll, believes that the manner in which the team earned a draw late in the game could be just the thing to kick-start a much-needed revival.

The club has been criticised this season by fans and pundits alike for failing to keep faith with youngsters. The importance of young players cannot be underestimated in the Premier League. Everton and West Ham have relied heavily upon young blood this season and Manchester United would be languishing in third position in the Premier League if they didn't have the skills of a certain 17-year-old at their disposal.

Alan Shearer was keen to change this approach and so decided to put his faith in Carroll, a player who will be regarded as a hero alongside his manager if Newcastle do stay up this season.

The young player scored the equaliser for Newcastle and revealed after the match that the team "needed a break" and this break came in the form of his late goal. Carroll continued to state that the team is now confident that they can "get out of trouble" but the 20-year-old also recognises that the upcoming game against Spurs will be extremely tough.

The Premier League has been revitalised this season, with shocks and surprises coming at both ends of the table. Whilst Manchester United look to have sealed their position at the top of the league, nothing has yet been decided and football betting remains split as to who will be crowned champions and who will spend next season in the Championship.

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